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Welcome to Our diverse array of impactful programs, community events, disaster relief, health, & well-being. With time you will be introduced to our team members.

Meaningful Eating- We believe that through eating we fulfill what the body needs. This is consistence with identifying social interactions, how people organize their food and reasons behind these choices. These choices includes portion control, sharing of foods, and proper body hydration. Nowadays consumers and public health authorities are increasingly vocal in their concerns and desires for responsible behaviors around FOOD. We at lifestyle enhancement believe that it is part of our civic responsibility to provide healthier alternatives lifestyle around food, movement, targeted supplement, holistic cooking and meaningful eating in order to drive behavior change.

We are in the process of expanding our facility to advance our services due to high demands and we need your support. You continued support will help us meet our food service distribution goal, expand our specialty food services while focusing on the community needs. To us, every individual is important and unique to our organization. By offering services that address the greatest needs of our targeted communities, we make positive contribution in helping the individuals to attain more fulfilling life.

  1. We conduct self -management training for disease risk factors
  2. We conduct stress reduction and management training
  3. We conduct bereavement and relapse Prevention workshops
  4. we conduct conflict management workshops
  5. We offer support and direct assistance to clients.
  6. We offer holistic cooking classes at our certified demo-kitchen
  7. We prescribe doctors natural, targeted, therapeutic supplements
  8. We are certified members of wellevate the biggest on-line supplement dispensary.
  • We are certified health and wellness coaches @ Comprehensive family wellness place in Johnston RI 02919


Check out our - bone broth, collagen, collagen- booster GF Pastries and our regular small portion deserts ( all made from real food products). check out our other goods-Wholesale & Retail in all our products - can fulfill up to 4,000 pieces weekly.

organic oils,natural and organic soaps, perfumed oils

Our self- directed program, addresses the needs of our community gifted individuals with inclusiveness in mind. Our goal is working collectively with these individuals and their families to assist them to become self - sufficient as possible. Participants learn to care for themselves, operate household in efficient manner, while focusing on effective communication and soft skills.

Our diverse staff members have ties to the communities, certified facilitators, job placement professionals and thus possess the unique ability to relate to the targeted demographic.

Our Maternal Care: provides advocacy for maternal care and safety to prevent maternal mortality increase. We provide BLS workshops to new parents and their families. Also advocate & provide nutritional shakes to new mothers with little or no milk of their own.

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We create environment that is supportive & inspiring that allows for the maximizing personal potential.